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To join IAGP as an affiliate member, please submit the following documents to Your application will then be considered by the membership committee and you will be given instructions to pay.

1 A letter of application including:
a) Your organisation's official name and contact details (including email address and website address)
b) The names, contact details and professional background of the current President and President-elect (if there is one).
c) The name, contact details and professional background of the person who will represent your organisation for IAGP purposes (Please indicate if this person is the same as b)
d) Founding year of the organisation
e) Number of current members
f) Requirements for joining your organisation as members or affiliates
g) Theoretical orientation
h) A brief description of your organisation's past, current and planned fields of activities (research, training etc.) including scientific programmes and conferences sponsored, if any
i) Explanation of how you heard of IAGP and why your organisation would like to join IAGP as an affiliate member
j) Please outline how your organisation promotes high ethical and professional standards (e.g. via a Code of Ethics or a requirement that members belong to a professional association that has such a Code.).

2. A copy of the By-laws and charter or incorporation documents of your organisation.

3. One letter of endorsement
This should be written by a professional (preferably a member of IAGP) who is familiar with your organisation's work with groups and has no formal ties to your organisation.

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