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Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, IAGP President, welcomes you to the new electronic edition of Forum and invites everyone to download and distribute the first edition. Future editions will be only for IAGP members, but you can join/renew your IAGP membership at a 50% discount here.

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great pleasure to send you this link to the new edition of Forum nr 7 March 2018 which has had a very  long gestation period! http://www.iagp.com/docs/Forum2018V3(screenview).pdf    

In fact, it’s been ready and awaiting publication for a couple of years! It is the first online electronic version of the Forum published by IAGP. Something really to be celebrated as it has been a true labour of love involving a lot of work behind the scenes.  

Regarding the purpose of the Journal of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy:

 In 2006 the new Forum Editors, Lars Tauvon and Teresa von Sommaruga Howard wrote that they undertook the task because “we are convinced that a regular journal can make an important contribution in connecting members of an international association such as ours, bringing mutual support and understanding between our diverse cultures, theoretical frames and methods. At a time when group psychotherapy is not ‘flavour of the month’, we all need all the support we can get; when individual perspectives that focus on personal fulfilment and profitability prevail, we need to work together to maintain a thinking space, that seeks to understand, as an antidote to the prevailing values embodied in the faith put in medical drugs.

Rapid changes in developed and developing countries are disrupting stable group structures without consideration for their role in providing basic social and biological security and quality of life. Group psychotherapies in their present form have developed within Western tradition, then exported to the rest of the world where different modes of communication and views of relationships between individuals and groups prevail. 

Despite language difficulties, the journal offers us a possibility for cross-fertilisation and development, giving the opportunity to discard cultural and academic imperialism and allow the many influences and areas of knowledge to spread.“


In June 2006, members voted to change the name of the IAGP from “The International Association of Group Psychotherapy” to “The International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes.” This was done to reflect the expansion of our members' interests and articles focussing on group processes as well as group psychotherapy have been published.


Now the website foundations have been built, the publishing of future editions will be relatively easy. The board decided to publish Forum in the members area of the newly built IAGP website making it a product only IAGP members will have access to through a personalised login. No-one will have access to the member’s area until they have paid their dues. The IAGP website is almost complete but the production of it has been delayed due to many other tasks including the simultaneous production of the IAGP Congress website. This congress website will now belong to IAGP and will only need the content updated for each future congress. It is easy just to put the new information onto the site.

The strength of IAGP is its networking capacity particularly with people who do not have a group psychotherapy or group process network in the area in which they live and work.  Several people from the Board and Past Presidents have suggested that this first on-line Forum may be a gift to be shared by members as a way of informing everyone, including non-members, about developments in IAGP and about the Congress. Making Forum available to non-members is a way of widening IAGP’s network. This is to everyone’s advantage. Please encourage people to join us by becoming a member on the www.iagp.com website where we currently are offering a 50% membership fee reduction.

 We plan to produce a limited number of printed editions of Forum for our welcome to 

XXth International Congress of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes of IAGP in Malmö. Sweden.

Pre-Congress 31 July 2018 - Congress 1-4 August 2018 with the title:

Rising Tides of Challenge and Hope: healing identity, in society, groups and individuals.

Please spread the information about the Congress and the congress website www.iagpcongress.org , Facebook page IAGP CONGRESS 2018 and encourage people to come. Spreading this edition of Forum might also inspire people to write and to attend the Congress. There will be a rich programme which we don’t want anyone interested in and working with groups to miss! Our network has so much to share with Malmö and Malmö has a lot to share with us.

Warm Regards to you all


Kate Bradshaw Tauvon MA, G.A. Dip., TEP 
IAGP President 


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